Does Dynamiclear Really Work?

An Honest Review…

Dynamiclear is a topical product (applied externally) that is used on active skin lesions or outbreaks that consist of a visible break in the skin. This product is favored in these cases because it is simple to use, works effectively and will normally last a long time (making it good value compared to other treatment options).

The Dynamiclear formulation has also undergone Clinical Trials with a 98% success rate – a higher success rate than medically prescribed treatments.

The use of this product can result in:

  • Rapid healing of the infected area
  • Smaller, less intense outbreaks
  • Partial/Complete end to symptoms associated with the herpes simplex virus

Dynamiclear works by destroying virus particles on impact, which affects both the initial outbreak that is treated as well as future episodes.

The fact that the herpes virus will retreat into the nervous system makes it extremely difficult to eliminate completely. What can be done is to attack the virus every time that it surfaces, depleting it with each encounter and diminishing the amount of virus retreating back into the nervous system.

This can lower the virus levels in the body which helps the immune system have greater control over future outbreaks. This is why some users of Dynamiclear have had no further outbreaks. Other users have reduced the severity of their monthly outbreaks down to mild, infrequent recurrences. It also accelerates the recovery time of outbreaks which reduces the inconvenience and embarrassment of the situation.

Insider Pros (advantages, from those of us in the know):

  • There are no known side-effects. This is a huge plus in terms of long term health, especially since side-effects are a common concern with conventional herpes treatments. Dynamiclear is made of all natural ingredients (based on a mineral compound and herb formulation) with the only negative effect being a stinging sensation that should be felt when it is applied.
  • It is a “single dose” application. The solution is odorless and does not have to be applied repeatedly or at times when there are no symptoms. If you have tried other topical products you will appreciate the concept of a clean and concise ‘single’ application. This sets Dynamiclear apart from all other topical treatments on the market as it only needs to be applied 1 time per outbreak.
  • One 12mL bottle goes a long way. There is enough solution in a standard bottle of Dynamiclear to potentially treat 80 to 100 outbreaks. This is attributed to the fact that the solution is concentrated and only 1 to 3 drops (applied to a wet cotton swab) are used at one time. So when you do the math, in the majority of cases, one bottle can last between several months to a year, or longer, and that is with regular use.
  • Super fast healing. Most people who use Dynamiclear report that it works faster than any other product they have ever used, with noticeable results starting shortly after making the application. This may be part of the reason why it is called Dynamiclear which means “Power Clear” in ancient Greek.
  • The Clinical Trial results are encouraging and give new hope to sufferers of this virus. Recent Clinical Trials demonstrate that the Dynamiclear formulation is a safe and effective treatment for Herpes simplex infections. This is particularly good news for people who are looking for an alternative treatment to the conventional suppressive medications.
  • Future outbreaks are affected and continue to reduce with each application. Considering that this is a topically applied product (not a pill) this has got to be one of the best advantages of Dynamiclear, the fact that once it is applied it continues to affect the virus cycles. Typically, the symptoms will become less severe and less frequent if used consistently (once per outbreak).
  • There is a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you. No ‘one’ product will work for everyone and in the plight to overcome herpes it is likely that you will spend a lot of money trying to find that one product (or combination of products) that actually works for you. Dynamiclear has a good success rate but even better is the fact that you can get a refund on your money if it doesn’t work for you and you have a six month trial period to do so.

Insider Cons (disadvantages, from those of us in the know):

  • This product is only suitable for people who experience ‘active’ outbreaks. If you do not have any visible skin irritation with your outbreaks (such as a lesion, cut, tear or break in the skin) then Dynamiclear will not be of any use to you. It needs to be applied to an ‘active’ infection in order for the solution to be able to make contact with the virus and to be effective.
  • A stinging sensation is necessary for this product to work. When applied to normal, intact skin the Dynamiclear solution will not cause any stinging, however, when it is applied to viral, bacterial or fungal matter a sharp stinging sensation is expected. This is a sign that the application is working. The stinging sensation varies from person to person but, be prepared, for some people the stinging/burning sensation (although short lived) can be intense. The best way to describe the feeling is that it is similar to applying an antiseptic solution. You can control how weak or strong you want the application to be but it must sting at least a little for the product to have any effect.
  • Repeated applications can make the area sensitive. The Dynamiclear solution is quite strong (which is why it appears to work so powerfully on outbreaks) and only needs to be applied once per outbreak, that is, once per sore / infection site. Sometimes a person may be so desperate to get rid of an infection that they will repeatedly apply the product, this is a “no-no.” When you repeatedly apply Dynamiclear what you are actually doing is repeatedly “attacking” the area, which can cause it to temporally become irritated. Doing this can also prolong the healing time which is the last thing that you want. The Golden Rule is to apply the solution only once per outbreak. This allows the treatment to progress to the next phase (which is the healing stage). The manufacturer’s Instruction Leaflet has a good guide to how and when to make the application and covers exceptions to this rule (such as if you apply the solution early, you may like to make a second application later on, etc).
  • This product does not work for everyone, unfortunately no one product ever will. Although Dynamiclear may work well for a lot of people there are those who will not respond to the treatment. The product does provide a six month satisfaction guarantee so if it does not help it can at least be returned for a refund.

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